Best Job for Your Back According to a Chiropractor

Have you ever wondered what the best job for your back is? We recently had this debate in our office the other day and came to the conclusion that an underwater spearfisherman is arguably the best job for your back. You may be wondering why this uncommon yet very interesting job may be the best thing for your back health for years to come. But first, let's understand what an underwater spearfisherman is all about.

The Ultimate Job For Your Back

Spearfishing is an ancient form of fishing that took place even before the gladiator age. The traditional spear was simply a sharpened stick and hunting was restricted to shallow waters. The modern spear - the spear gun - allows divers to explore the deep blue waters to hunt for the fish. With the development of the essential scuba diving gear: underwater goggles, breathing mask, and fins, spearfishing became a popular sport for many.  

How Does This Relate To Your Back?

The modern speargun allows a diver to launch it's spear without excessive movement from the shoulder, and the water is not weight-bearing giving the diver full support while relieving the stress on all the joints in the body as he/she swims. The body is in constant motion while diving and swimming. This low impact motion allows the water pressure to  engage the muscles with the perfect amount of intensity for a healthy workout. Lastly, swimming is a form of active stretching. Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your back. It’s a great way to keep muscles and joints relaxed, mobile, and feeling well.

What About All That Gear?

The spearfishing gear even supports the health of a diver's back. For example, the goggles reduce improper head movements by keeping the water out of the eyes and the breathing mask eliminates the need to move the head for breath. The equipment help keep the head and neck straight and level within the water.

Too many of us work in jobs that require sitting for long periods of time, and consequently our muscles and joints weaken causing back and neck pain. Do your body a favor and actively engage your muscles and increase movement in the spine through swimming, stretching, and chiropractic care. If you are in need of an affordable and trustworthy chiropractor in the Austin, Texas area, look no further than City Limits Chiropractic. Dr. Cason Davis will help you get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.


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