Chiropractic Testimonials

"I sought chiropractic care due to neck and lower back pain. I constantly tried a variety of stretches throughout the day and different sleeping techniques and forms to help release pressure. I avoid medications as much as possible, so I didn't use any medications nor do I now. The discomfort though was getting worse over the years that I considered to do so until I started treatment at City Limits Chiropractic. I feel more energized during the day and sleep mighty comfortably. Dr. Davis cares to help one fully understand their diagnosis, treatment and recommended exercises. I have become more aware of my posture and health. The staff is very welcoming, kind and friendly! I highly recommend to take a step toward better health with Dr. Davis!"

– Michelle M.

"Since going to Dr.Davis I have noticed a lot of improvements. My posture has improved, I have less headaches, I sleep better, and I feel a greater sense of balance. He has helped reduce the pain I live with and I would definitely recommend seeing him for your chiropractic care!"

– Kate S.

"City Limits Chiropractic has helped me improve the curvature of my neck. I have been coming to City Limits Chiropractic for over a year. Dr. Davis has always been flexible with my crazy schedule. He and his staff have always treated me well. They are always kind and you can tell that they care. Every time I come out of an appointment, I feel refreshed and energized."

– Pam G.

"I came across Dr. Cason Davis and his practice, upon chance, while wandering at the farmers markets, and boy am I GLAD I DID! He had a booth set up, informing people on the spine, it's wild ways of growing, curving, and aging with us, and what he can do to help those with spinal problems. I stayed and chatted at his booth, and he answered every single question I had, even the silly ones! We spoke about my constant pain in certain areas of my back, my tumbling past of growing up a gymnast, and the various falls, accidents, and otherwise that I've endured. We set up an initial visit to his practice where I underwent thorough questioning and X-rays, with a follow up appointment to review them. Although the X-rays revealed some considerable damage, and I was SCARED, Dr. Davis was patient and detailed in explaining my condition, exactly as I needed to hear. He did this again for me when I was less in shock at my following visit, too. Since I've been seeing City Limits Chiropractic for the past year, my overall posture and stance has improved. The problematic areas have stopped causing me such pain, and my overall back problems have started to melt away. Having not been a huge fan of doctors ''these days," always feeling rushed in and rushed out, unheard, or not listened to, Dr. Davis is a RAY OF SUNSHINE! With his patient, knowledgeable, and insightful manner, and his magical chiropractic hands, I look forward to my appointments every week, and will continue to. His staff is fabulous, and I always feel a sense of family and genuine care. It has been a nothing but POSTITIVE EXPERIENCE. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

– Katie T.

"I’ve lived with chronic lower back pain for years. I remember my back locking up on me as early as high school. Getting a job as a software engineer and sitting in front of a desk for hours at a time only made things worse. When I came to get chiropractic care I could barely stand up straight some days because of the pain. Since then I started to see a dramatic improvement. I became much more aware of my posture and bad sitting habits. I also began stretching more. Recently I have been feeling much better. My back is getting stronger. I’ve also had people comment on how my posture has improved. To anyone getting started with chiropractic or thinking about it, I would say do your part. Make changes to your lifestyle. Exercise, stretch and eat right, and you’ll see the improvement you’re looking for."

– Jonathan L.

"I am forever in his debt, as I am to his staff. I now have all my family going to Dr. Drake, from my four year old son, to my wife Amy. Miracles do happen."

– David L.

"My x-rays shocked me. I had no idea that my body was so out of alignment. I got my first adjustment that day and started to monitor my posture from then on. I became much more aware of my body and how I carried myself, especially when sitting at work and driving. I also began to notice that I would feel very good and much more alert after getting adjusted, so I look forward to going to the chiropractor every week. I've also begun to notice that I have better form and better control in the gym which is a great bonus. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Davis and the staff of City Limits. Everyone is always extremely friendly and accommodating to my last-minute schedule changes. Dr. Davis helps me whenever I have questions or I'm feeling muscle soreness or pain anywhere and usually is able to correct things in a matter of minutes. I can safely say that getting chiropractic care at City Limits has been one of the best health decisions I've ever made."

– Jarrod R.

"After over a year of dealing with severe pain and numbness in my hands that included not sleeping, eating Motrin like candy, and working with no feeling in my fingers. Dr. Davis came into my life at my Salon doing a free consult, offering a first time visit with x-rays. I felt hopeless, he saved me! He started treatments, assuring me I would get better and after a few months I was well into seeing my life getting better - sleeping again, taking less and less Motrin and actually having feeling back in my fingers. Now another couple of months later I’m pain free and have very little tingling in my fingers. I am riding my Harley without issues and enjoying life again! I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Davis enough for helping me, restoring my body to a pain free state!"

– Debbie B.


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